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The Band

The Band

Genres: album rock, blues-rock, classic canadian rock, classic rock, country rock, folk, folk rock, heartland rock, jam band, mellow gold, psychedelic rock, rock, roots rock, soft rock, southern rock, traditional folk

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Across The Great Divide

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audio features:

duration: 2:53
tempo: 110.834 bpm
time signature: 4/4
key: G major
danceability: 0.723
energy: 0.486
speechiness: 0.0551
acousticness: 0.331
instrumentalness: 0.00326
liveness: 0.281
valence: 0.716

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Song data switchboard is built on the ruins of Ome Piets Überapparaat, a tool I once made mostly for the benefit of listeners of a particular radio show of which the playlists are now no longer online. I expanded and adapted it to accept Spotify playlists as input.

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