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Reese W.

Reese W.


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duration: 5:18
tempo: 113.982 bpm
time signature: 3/4
key: B major
danceability: 0.713
energy: 0.392
speechiness: 0.0385
acousticness: 0.932
instrumentalness: 0.219
liveness: 0.156
valence: 0.105

about the song data switchboard:

Song data switchboard is a web service by In1woord that helps to quickly find data about songs and artists on a variety of music related web sites. A song can be either entered manually or selected from a playlist you provide.

Song data switchboard is built on the ruins of Ome Piets Überapparaat, a tool I once made mostly for the benefit of listeners of a particular radio show of which the playlists are now no longer online. I expanded and adapted it to accept Spotify playlists as input.

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New Indie January 2020

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  1. Reese W. - Julianna
  2. La Palma - Swept Away / Holiday
  3. The Trimatics - Simple Morning
  4. Genevieve Stokes - Portland Nights
  5. Sasha Cay - Archie
  6. Paul Odir - Melancholy Dreams
  7. Derde Verde - Black Painted Night
  8. Tilly Dent - Puzzle
  9. Albon & Lag - Big Sur Theme
  10. Koko Neetz - Fragments
  11. Nutrients - Always In Bloom
  12. M. Ward - Migration of Souls
  13. Jackson James & Sleepy Panda - Don't Change
  14. Baseball Gregg - Slow
  15. Mini Trees - Signs & Wonders
  16. Bull - Bedroom Floor
  17. Lea Porcelain - Sink Into The Night
  18. Holding Hands - On The Line
  19. pâle regard - Bus de nuit
  20. Tender Tones - Strangers from Ultra

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