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JW Francis

JW Francis

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duration: 2:30
tempo: 124.946 bpm
time signature: 4/4
key: A major
danceability: 0.667
energy: 0.69
speechiness: 0.0307
acousticness: 0.0481
instrumentalness: 0.676
liveness: 0.106
valence: 0.914

about the song data switchboard:

Song data switchboard is a web service by In1woord that helps to quickly find data about songs and artists on a variety of music related web sites. A song can be either entered manually or selected from a playlist you provide.

Song data switchboard is built on the ruins of Ome Piets Überapparaat, a tool I once made mostly for the benefit of listeners of a particular radio show of which the playlists are now no longer online. I expanded and adapted it to accept Spotify playlists as input.

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New Indie November 2019

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  1. JW Francis - Lofi
  2. Alex Siegel - Wasted Time
  3. Junior Mesa - 3 AM
  4. Guilty Johnny - 24
  5. Peace Lily - I Want Out
  6. Kodiak Galaxy - Running out of Reasons
  7. The Tazers - Yours Truly
  8. Margaux - Palm
  9. Rosie Tucker - Ambrosia
  10. Sinqa - Siren
  11. Hales Corner - Cringe
  12. Stolen Jars - Oh West
  13. Chad - Leonard Nemoy
  14. Magic City Hippies - What Would I Do
  15. stillhungry - Sheets
  16. Quiet Hollers - Loup (Hide It Away)
  17. Cathedral Bells - Heavy Rain
  18. Day Joy - Celebration (or a salutation, ongoing)
  19. Sleepy Gaucho - Lucy
  20. Derde Verde - Have You Felt It?

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