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Neal Francis

Neal Francis

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She's A Winner

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audio features:

duration: 5:06
tempo: 109.436 bpm
time signature: 4/4
key: C major
danceability: 0.62
energy: 0.867
speechiness: 0.124
acousticness: 0.0685
instrumentalness: 1.16E-6
liveness: 0.0842
valence: 0.652

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Vrijdag de 13! (Stenders favo new songs)

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  3. The Teskey Brothers - Paint My Heart
  4. Lizzo - Good As Hell
  5. Neal Francis - She's A Winner
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  8. Michael Kiwanuka - Hero
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  13. Twin Peaks - Dance Through It
  14. JB Meijers - I Am Not Supposed to Be Here
  15. WIES - Soms Is Het Te Laat
  16. Liza Anne - Devotion
  17. Celeste - Strange
  18. Nicole Bus - You
  19. Shoffy - How Many
  20. Ruben Hein - Ever Last
  21. The Snuts - Juan Belmonte
  22. Godfather of Harlem & Samm Henshaw - Rise (feat. Samm Henshaw)
  23. Lana Del Rey - Norman fucking Rockwell
  24. Roberto Surace - Joys
  25. DeWolff - It Ain't Easy